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Double R Enterprises, LLC was founded by Russell Reaves II and is based in Raleigh, NC. The name was derived from a nickname given to Russell by Mr. Cory Fair based on his initials (RR).

Double R Enterprises originated as Double R Designs offering printed and web materials. As Russell’s skill set expanded, the business did the same to accommodate. It was this first expansion that resulted in the change from Double R Designs to Double R Enterprises to encompass all facets of the business. The two initial divisions (Double R Designs and Double R Repair) started the newly branded business. Not long after, a third division was created (Tutoring), and the repair component was renamed to Double R Computer Services.

In 2016, during the 5th anniversary, Double R Enterprises underwent another rebranding as a result of becoming a Limited Liability Company, Double R Enterprises, LLC. As a part of the anniversary, a business structure reconfiguration took place, resulting in the elimination of the divisions. Additionally, a loyalty program was launched, as well as gift certificates and a new Client Portal.

Double R Enterprises, LLC, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2021. During this time, a new, revamped logo was introduced, along with the addition of business consultation services and screen printing to go along with the previously offered services.

The business continued to expand into what it is today. Additional services such as sublimation and heat transfers are now available. Along with that, we're looking to continue to expand in order to be the one-stop shop for all our clients.

Russell Reaves II

President & Creative Director

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