Our President & Creative Director

Russell Reaves II

Russell Reaves II founded Double R Enterprises, LLC. He began computer repair early due to curiosity about how things worked. He would take things apart and try to put them back together again. After breaking more of his computers than fixing them, he began researching to understand all of the inner workings of computers.

Jumping forward, Russell studied Computer and Electrical Engineering at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. His studies gave him the basis for how everything interacted inside the computer at an electrical level. He could take the software and hardware/electrical components and put the two together to gain a complete understanding of computers. Once here, he realized that there was another gift given to him. He had a gift to create eye-catching printed materials. He thought to venture out and do websites, but a lack of coding knowledge hindered him from producing the designs he envisioned.

From there, he enrolled in the University of Phoenix's Web Design program. At the University of Phoenix, he gained the coding knowledge needed to make the ideas he saw in his head come to life online. At that time, he began attending Strayer University, pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems with a concentration in Internetworking Technology.

Along the way, he was repeatedly told that he should design printed and web materials as a small business, and in 2011, he decided to do just that. He had a business plan but no name. He then remembered a nickname given to him by a good friend, Mr. Cory Fair, Double R (from his initials). Thus, Double R Designs, the beginning stages of Double R Enterprises, was born.

Russell has obtained his Bachelor of Science in Information Systems with a concentration in Cyber Security Management from Strayer University. He is a North Carolina Army National Guard member, supporting his state and country, having served one tour of Afghanistan in 2018-2019.

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